The Right Waterproofing Company to Protect Your Structures

It is important to protect your home or building from the elements. One way of doing so is through waterproof coatings and products. Rather than doing it yourself, you should hire the professional services from Coatings Hawaii. Since 1979, our waterproofing company has protected various client roofs in Honolulu, HI. We make sure to do so with flawless results. Read below some of the waterproofing services we can offer you:

Roof Coating

You can depend on our professional coating service for your roofing system. Our expert team has done various coating jobs throughout the years. They have the expertise to do such work with efficiency, and they use the latest coating products proved for exceptional quality results. You can also hire them for reliable roof restoration and other related services.

Masonry Services

We are able to waterproof brick walls and other masonry elements around your property. Again, our professional crew always bring the finest tools and products for the task. They make sure to coat masonry in a thorough, even manner for proper protection. They can also repair and restore your masonry structures back to good condition.

Flooring Services

Waterproofing is beneficial for your home or building floors. it acts as a preventive seal from spills and leaks. Though it can be tedious to coat your floors, so let our team do the job for you. They do dependable work for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They also can assist you with new floor installations and refinishing projects.

Coatings Hawaii is the right coating company for your waterproofing requirements. Clients living in Waimanalo Beach, HI;Kaneohe, HI;Halawa, HI;Maunawili HI;Waimanalo HI can also make use of our professional services. We can even do concrete services, blacktop and asphalt sealing, and more. We strive for perfect results to ensure proper protection and 100% client satisfaction. For any service appointments or further inquiries, give us a call today at (808) 478-9001.